Contribution guide#

Getting Sources#

Source code is stored in public repositories:


GitHub mirror is available as well.

Fork the repository

The repository can be cloned with the following command:

$ git clone

Formatting Changes#

Changes should be formatted according to the code style used by Angie. Sometimes, there is no clear rule; in such cases examine how existing Angie sources are formatted and mimic this style. Changes will more likely be accepted if style corresponds to the surrounding code.

The commit message should have a single-line synopsis followed by verbose description after an empty line. It is desirable that the first line is no longer than 67 symbols.

Before Submitting#

Several points are worth to consider before submitting changes:

The proposed changes should work properly on a wide range of supported platforms. Try to make it clear why the suggested change is needed, and provide a use case, if possible. Passing your changes through the test suite is a good way to ensure that they do not cause a regression:

$ cd tests
$ prove .

Look for tests/README for details.

Submitting Changes#

The proposed changes should be sent to the Angie development mailing list. Also it’s possible to create a Pull Request on GitHub.