Angie 1.1.0#



  • The resolve option of the server directive in the HTTP module upstream block, that allows to monitor changes to the list of IP addresses corresponding to a domain name, and automatically update it without the need of reloading configuration.

  • The service option of the server directive in the HTTP module upstream block, that allows to retrieve lists of addresses from DNS SRV records, with basic priority support.

  • Detailed information and metrics for the groups of HTTP upstream servers in the statistics interface provided by the api directive.

  • autoindex uses natural sorting order for directory listings.

  • All functionality of nginx 1.23.3.


  • Added packges in repository for OSes: Oracle и Rocky Linux

  • Dynamic modules packages aded: angie-module-auth-spnego, angie-module-brotli, angie-module-dav-ext, angie-module-headers-more, angie-module-ndk, angie-module-rtmp, angie-module-set-misc


  • compilation failed due to false warning when using GCC 9 or older with the -O2 or higher optimization.


Angie 1.0.0#



  • The api directive, that provides HTTP RESTful interface for accessing in JSON format basic information about a web server instance, as well as metrics of client connections, shared memory zones, DNS queries, HTTP requests, HTTP responses cache, TCP/UDP sessions of stream module, and zones of limit_conn/limit_req modules.

  • The status_zone directive in http module for specifying zone to collect request metrics in server and location contexts.

  • The status_zone directive in stream module for specifying zone to collect TCP/UDP session metrics.

  • The status_zone parameter of the resolver directive for specifying zone to collect metrics on DNS queries.

  • The $angie_version variable with version of Angie.

  • All functionality of nginx 1.23.2.